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8 core tools drive Dividend Investor, designed to quickly give you a leg up in achieving your dividend income goals:

  1. Comprehensive Quotes:  Your quote page delivers extensive dividend and stock details, conveniently compiled into a single page.
  2. Powerful Dividend Calendar:  It’s not enough to know details about dividend-paying securities. Pros dig in to get each play’s history and projected future payouts, as well as key dates for investing.
  3. Screeners & Directories:  Easily categorize and sort every kind of dividend-paying investment available today: REITs (real estate investment trusts), closed-end funds, DRIPs (dividend reinvestment plans), Royalty Trusts, ETFs (exchange traded funds), MLPS (master limited partnerships), BDCs (Business Development Companies), and more.
  4. Timely Email Alerts:  Get notified instantly whenever important market or financial events happen that may have a direct impact on your stocks, dividends and funds.
  5. The “Dividend Detector”:  This tool allows you to get summaries summaries and displays information for any dividend-paying stock, ETF, BDC, DRIP, REIT,– all at the click of a mouse.
  6. Handy Dividend History Page:  Lay out all 20 years of a security’s dividend history, including specific yields, special distributions, splits and much more… and it’s downloadable to Excel.
  7. Your Own Personalized Dividend Scorecard:  Allows you to create up to five personalized portfolios letting you track the dividends of stocks you already own…
  8. Hi-Powered Dividend Calculator:  This powerful tool allows you to project your dividend income up to 20 years into the future, so you can know exactly where your income or growth will take you.

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