CNBC Ratings Fall to All Time Low

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Apparently CNBC’s ratings have fallen to an all time low in the key 25-54 age demographic. What a surprise?–Not.

We have from time to time had CNBC droning on in the background of our office, but it is only because we need a little noise while staring at the computer screen—honestly we could have The View or Dr. Phil on–doesn’t matter it is just noise.

When it comes to income investing CNBC brings next to nothing to the party and in fact is regularly insulting to us.  For 2 years Faber, Kernen and the rest of the talking heads have regularly quipped ‘when interest rates rise these people are going to get slaughtered’ or some other ignorant drivel.  Then I can clearly remember a few of them following up with the statement ‘well we have warned them’.   And of course all of their guests for those same 2 years have predicted the 10 year treasury at 3% or higher.  Alot of us thought the same, but we simply work to try to counteract the results rather than crawling in holes with our money in a can and honestly none of what we have done has been related to anything we’ve seen on CNBC.


When these jerks figure out that there is more to investing than quickly flipping common stocks and buying options they might see their way to present some material on preferred stocks or exchange traded debt in a educational way–present something where people can learn–bring something of value to the viewing public.

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge had his say on the subject—-as is his nature.

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