A Couple Changes to Spreadsheets

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August 17, 2014 – 11:20 pm  

We are making a few minor changes to the spreadsheets on The Yield Hunter.

On the Preferred Stock-Alphabetical page we have added a minor column titled ‘Qualified?’. We had received numerous requests to add this to the spreadsheet and we have done so. It is ONLY ON the alphabetical sheet. We also have a page that lists only Qualified Dividend preferred stock issues–we have had this page for a long time and it can be accessed through the preferred stock menu on the top of the page.


The 2nd change we are making is we are adding a column to the MLP pages which indicates whether the security is an issue which issues a K-1 or one that issues a 1099. Again we have had readers request this item so we will be adding it.

Note that the preferred stock change is done already, but we are just about to begin the MLP change and it will take all week to get all of the information posted (correctly).


Tim McPartland

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Tim McPartland
Tim McPartland is a private investor with over 45 years of investing experience. His analysis, research and writing is devoted to the hunt for income producing securities of all types, but in particular specializing in preferred stocks, exchange traded debt and Master Limited Partnerships.
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