Dividend History

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The dividend history tools on DividendInvestor.com provide historical dividend payment information on all publicly traded stocks and exchange traded funds for the last twenty years in order that investors can see full dividend payment history including increases and cuts to assist in their investment analysis process.

The term dividend history is used to indicate the length of time a company has paid dividends. It is important for investors to understand the dividend history of a company to see if it has produced a reliable stream of dividend payments over the years. Investors typically want to see a 10- to 20-year rolling dividend history to be confident that the company is committed to paying a dividend. This is a great tool for monitoring the investment performance of a company. Consistently growing dividends for a company is obviously a very positive sign. Dividend cuts or suspensions could be an issue of concern. The Dividend Investor stock screening tools are one of the only websites that provide data specifically of interest to the dividend investor offering a number of proprietary data elements not available on other investing websites.

To our knowledge, DividendInvestor.com is one of the only investing websites that provides twenty years of detailed dividend history on every US publicly traded company.  We believe the ability to see a company’s history of dividend increases and decreases is an essential factor in helping pick the best dividend stocks.


To view our tools, please visit: https://www.dividendinvestor.com/dividend-history/ and to subscribe to them please visit:our order page.

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