Why was DividendInvestor.com™ created?

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The best explanation comes from the book All About Dividend Investing by Don Schreiber JR. and Gary E. Stroik in which they say. “There are software programs available for the individual investor, but many are geared to helping with technical analysis and/or day trading. As dividend investing becomes more popular, however, it would not be surprising to find new products being introduced that provide automated access to the kinds of ratios and fundamental stock information you need. Attractive features would include the daily download of updated information into your computer and tools to screen and rank the stocks in your universe by the criteria you specify. We haven’t found any programs priced for the individual user that fit this description, but they may be out there–or on the way.”
Don Schreiber JR. and Gary E. Stroik. All About Dividend Investing. McGraw-Hill, 2005. pg101.

Well here’s the good news! Dividend Investor.com™ now exists with all the tools you need to screen and rank the stocks you select according to your own criteria. You can now uncover your own dividend paying stocks with proprietary tools priced for the individual investor!

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