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2 Utilities Offer 3.5%-Plus Yields with 10-Plus Years of Continued Dividend Hikes

Ned Piplovic | May 19, 2017
By: Ned Piplovic Two regional utilities continue to reward their shareholders with continued dividend hikes, yields in the 3.5% to 4% range and long-term asset appreciation. These two companies have tripled their respective annual dividend distribution amounts over the last 15 years and currently pay an annual dividend of approximately $1.50 per share. One of the stocks goes ex-dividend on…

2 Companies Offer More Than 40 Years of Consecutive Dividend Hikes

Ned Piplovic | May 19, 2017
Two companies that have been paying a divided for more than 75 years, have rewarded their shareholders with more than four decades of consecutive annual dividend hikes and yields of 3% or more. Additionally, these two companies have been complementing the growing dividend income with a steady and stable asset appreciation for decades, increasing 67% and 77% just over the…
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2 Service Sector Stocks Offer Two Decades of Rising Dividends and 3%-Plus Yields

Ned Piplovic | May 19, 2017
By: Ned Piplovic Two companies in the service sector have rewarded their shareholders with almost two decades of rising dividends and yields of more than 3%. While share prices of these two stocks struggled in the past 12 months, both stocks showed robust growth over the last decade. The combination of that long-term growth and the consistent record of rising…

2 Companies Boost Dividends 5% and Offer 10%-Plus One-Year Share Price Growth

Ned Piplovic | May 16, 2017
A large consumer goods corporation and a specialty chemicals company boosted their quarterly dividends 5% to continue a long record of annual dividend hikes and rewarded their shareholders with double-digit percentage increases to their share prices over the past 12 months. Neither company has lowered its annual dividend in the past two decades. But they both have averaged annual compounded…
Dividend boosts

2 Utilities Offer 5%-Plus Dividend Boosts and 9%-Plus One Year Asset Appreciation

Ned Piplovic | May 12, 2017
By: Ned Piplovic Two regional power utility companies are continuing steady dividend boosts with 5%-plus hikes after more than a decade of rising dividends. With dividend yields of 2% and 3%, both companies are in line with the utilities sector average yield of 2.51%. In addition to the heightened dividend payouts, the two companies have provided their investors with a…
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