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4 Securities Offer Double-Digit Capital Growth and 5.9%-Plus Dividends Yields

Ned Piplovic | February 17, 2017
By: Ned Piplovic Four diverse companies provided double-digit capital appreciation to their shareholders, as well as a 5.9%-plus dividend yield. An energy logistics company, a real estate investment trust (REIT), an information management and storage company, and a customer experience analytics firm increased their valuation between 11% and 50% over the last year. Additionally, the companies offer dividend yields in…

3 Companies Offer 4%-Plus Yields and Double-Digit Capital Growth

Ned Piplovic | February 16, 2017
By: Ned Piplovic Three companies in the basic materials sector rewarded their shareholders with double-digit percentage capital appreciation and 4%-plus dividend yields. Over the last year, these three equities -- a soda ash maker, a natural gas liquids producer and a paper manufacturer -- have increased their respective stock value by 49%, 55% and 28%. In addition to the solid…

5 Companies with Seven-Plus Years of Rising Dividends Boost Payouts Again

Ned Piplovic | February 14, 2017
By: Ned Piplovic Among the 300 companies that declared dividends last week, 94 of them boosted their payouts. Aside from the top-performing securities highlighted in several articles last week, here are five additional investment opportunities that announced double-digit percentage payout increases that also have track records of raising their dividends for seven-plus consecutive years. The dividend yields of two of…

3 Companies Declare Dividends That Return 6.5%-Plus Yields

Ned Piplovic | February 10, 2017
By: Ned Piplovic A credit origination firm and two oil and natural gas exploration companies declared quarterly dividends with yields in the 6.5%-12.4% range. In addition to a double-digit yield, one of the companies boosted its dividend 1.5% from previous period’s payout. In addition to the hefty dividend payouts, share prices of all three companies appreciated at least 44% versus…

3 Securities Offer 6%-Plus Yields and Double-Digit Dividend Boosts

Ned Piplovic | February 10, 2017
By: Ned Piplovic Three securities recently declared double-digit percentage hikes to their dividend payouts that will produce yields in the 6%-9% range. In addition to the excellent dividend return, one of the securities rewarded its shareholders with 150% capital appreciation in the last year. Also, all three securities have been growing their dividend payouts at double-digit percentage average growth rates…