Housekeeping – Reader Notes

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Thanks to Lionel, Rich and Jeff for sending notes on our typo on the Triangle 6.375% Notes (ticker:TCCB) which we typed 6.75% a number of times. We have corrected the errors.

Deric asks about Glacier Water Trust preferred shares–he noted it was not on the new model.  No meaning to that except we try to stay at $25 or very near when composing the models and GWSVP has traded in the $26 area forever it seems.  We bought it many years ago in our personal account and it simply keeps paying that great 9.06% dividend. We assume you watch the financials here since they are a non reporting company.

David doesn’t like our choice of the Transocean bond.  As we noted on the original write up there are a number of available Transocean bonds available with a variety maturity dates and yield to maturities. The ones we are buying fit ourneeds. Readers need to remember that in our almost 10 years of publishing this website we have never recommended any security to anyone. Everyone has their own needs and desires based upon their age, income etc. etc. Unlike Seeking Alpha which has folks writing everyday “we recommend” we never do that–only you can make that decision.


Tom asks about the CUSIP for the Transocean bonds the CUSIP is 893830(zero)BD0(zero). Etrade has 200 or so bonds available.  I haven’t looked on Fidelity. You may just search by Transocean and then you can see a variety of available bonds.

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