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We are testing the site with the following browsers.  Computer browsers we are running are on Windows 7.   Very often issues are browser specific.  We are constantly testing with 4 computers.

We are also testing with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 running a Chrome browser on a Android Jelly Bean operating system.

If you are having issues viewing any of our pages the 1 best thing you can do is flush your cache (clear browsing history)


Internet Explorer  – Versions 9 and 10.  How to flush your cache.

Safari – Version 5.1.7  How to flush the cache

Chrome – Version 30  How to flush the cache

Firefox – Version 24 (the most recent as of 10/19/2013)   How to flush the cache

Samsung Galaxy Tablet running Chrome–make sure to press the ‘menu’ button when accessing the site.  Site is set up to be mobile responsive. 


We know that there are times for everyone (ourselves included) where the tables load slowly (a delay of 1-2 seconds or more).  This is mainly a Google issue and generally fixes itself after a little time.  It may be an issue with your browser cache or microprocessor.  When you have ANY internet issues the 1st thing to do is flush the cache.  As the internet has become more complex it takes more resources to operate fast.  Most home computers are using cheaper, less powerful microprocessors (typically a AMD processor) and when the data comes into you via your cable it is likely coming in faster than your machine can handle may and the micropressor slow down your web browsing.

Tables Won’t Load

Without rhyme or reason there are times that the Google tables will not load.  We have dealt with this for years and have never found a sure fire answer to the problem.  If your cache is cleared and the tables don’t load with a given browser you can click the link above each table to access the spreadsheet all by itself (a new page will pop up with the spreadsheet). Or we have a page where we have started to add a laundry list of links to all of our spreadsheets–it is here.

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