Kayne Anderson MLP Investment 3.50% Mandatory Redeemable Preferred Stock (Monthly)

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IPO  03/28/2013  ($25/Sh)  4,400,000 Sh   600,000 Over Allotment Sh

S&P Rating  NR   Moodys Rating  NR

Security Ticker Symbol   KYN-F


Market Traded ON   NYSE

Dividend Payment Paid on the 1st business day of Each Month beginning on 5/01/2013

Monthly Dividend   .073   Annual Dividend   .875

Shares are Redeemable as follows—

If redeemed after 4/14/2014 but on or before 04/14/2015 redemption price is 101% of $25 plus acrrued dividends

If redeemed after 4/14/2015 but on or before 04/14/2016 redemption price is 100.5% of $25 plus acrrued dividends

If redeemed after 04/14/2016 redemption is at 100% of $25 plus acrrued dividends


Dividend Payment Will Likely be Qualified Distributions


Required Redemption  4/15/2020
Company Investor Relations Page for Kayne Anderson

Below you can find the offering Prospectus and Final Pricing Document


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