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Fellow Income Investor,

If you’re not making at least 10% on your income investments right now.

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Especially if you think the market’s recent manic behavior…

Plunging hundreds of points one day, only to soar back the next…

Makes it impossible to find stable, high-yield investments.

That’s because I’m going to share 12 investments that still offer yields of 10% or higher…

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But before getting to that, let me tell you about the 12 dividend-paying stocks you can get into right now.

Each offers yields of 10% or more… that’s 8x more than what a 1-year CD, or other traditional investment currently pays.

And that’s in spite of the rampant volatility we’ve seen recently in the market.

Now, if you’re thinking these investments are exotic, risky or volatile plays…

You’re dead wrong.

You see, they’re found in businesses of all sizes – large-, mid- and small-cap companies…

And exist in the few sectors still showing life in the market, like financials, materials, IT & communications and services…

Best of all, they’ve persevered through this brutal summer…

Which has seen the NASDAQ nosedive 6.77%, the Dow drop 7.73% and the S&P sink 7.71% – in only one month!

Delivering regular, fat dividend checks ranging from 10.6% to 14.8%.

Here’s a sneak peak at just a few of these:

  1. One Energy Play with a Fat 14.8% Yield: Despite a down year for energy as a whole, this play has almost doubled its share price YTD. And shares should continue to soar as the company powers one of the few market-proof segments of the retail industry. Plus, it boasts a current yield of 14.8%.

  2. The Right REIT Offers 12.8%: This real estate investment trust (REIT) is up 8.3% for the year, while the Dow’s suffered an 8.53% loss. And as long as crude oil prices stay low (as they should for some time), this company will continue to profit. Along the way, its investors will enjoy a 10.9% yield.

  3. A Financial Play Payout of 10.9%: This financial company’s stock has risen 14.24% YTD while the broader indexes have sunk like stones. No matter what the market has in store ahead, this play’s positioned to continue profiting, and offers income investors a robust 10.9% yield.

In addition, right now there are 9 other companies that have actually profited while the rest of the investing world tumbles.

And each offers you the chance to get regular, fat dividend checks in the 10% or higher range.

And in just a bit, I’ll tell you how you can get the names and ticker symbols of these 12 plays…

But first, I want to tell you about the industry’s most powerful dividend-detecting resource…

It’s the one I used to identify these high-yield plays in just minutes.

Best of all, I’ll tell you how easy it is to put this resource to work for you today…

My name is Roger Michalski, and I’m Publisher of Eagle Financial Publications.

I’ve been in the financial industry for more than a decade now, and in publishing for more than 25 years.

I know what I’m talking about when it comes to hunting down today’s most profitable investments…

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So when I say something like “the industry’s most powerful dividend-detecting resource”, trust me.

I can make the claim based on a career’s worth of investment experience…

And because I’ve met the man responsible for creating it.

You see, he was one of the principles in what became a very profitable multi-national company.

Eventually, though, it was sold – and he got a nice severance package.

Naturally, he wanted to invest it so he could live off dividend income for the rest of his life…

In the style he’d grown accustomed to…

And – most importantly – without risking principle.

So he dedicated his time, energy and substantial resources to creating a solution to this dividend challenge.

His brainchild – and your gateway to identifying the world’s best income investments in just minutes – is

I call it…

The Market’s Most Powerful Dividend Detector

In fact, the website is so remarkable…

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So Eagle purchased it from him.

And now we’re making it available to you. combines everything you’ll ever need to pinpoint the best high-yielding dividend stocks available today.

And allows you to do it faster than you ever thought possible.

The site’s easy-to-use filters allow you to sort income investments by almost anything you’d like, including:

Yield, Market Cap, Dividends Per Year, Consecutive Payments, Rising Dividend History and even Company Profitability over 1, 3 and 5 years.

All of this is made possible by proprietary technology, such as:

In addition, you can focus any of the above on specific market sectors: Energy, Materials, Industrials, IT & Communications, Financials, Healthcare, Utilities, and Services.

Best of all… you can do all of this, and find the world’s best yielding investments – in just minutes.

That’s how long it took for me to discover the 12 specific, double-digit plays I told you about earlier.

In my honest opinion, I believe this is one of the most powerful investment tools you’ll ever find…

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Dividend All-Star™ Ranking; Dividend Scorecard™; Dividend Capture Calendar™; Monthly Dividend Directory™; Closed-End Fund Directory™; ETF Directory™; MPL Directory™; REIT Directory™; DRIP Directory™, and so much more.

Of course, 30 days may not be enough time for many investors to fully appreciate – and benefit from –

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What you would receive from these dividends alone could pay for your annual membership in just a month or two.

However, if that’s still not enough to get you to try, then I’d like to sweeten the offer by throwing in 5 special investment reports – also completely free of charge.

Each was created for income investors by Eagle Financial’s in-house investment experts: Dr. Mark Skousen, Doug Fabian, Nicholas Vardy, Chris Versace and Bryan Perry. …

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in these 5 reports:

  1. In The Best Way to Own the Best Dividend Stocks, Dr. Mark Skousen shares not only which income plays to buy, but the smartest way to own them. When it comes to income, knowing how to buy is just as important as what to buy.

  2. Next, in Secret Cash Cows: My 5 Favorite Dividend ETFs by Doug Fabian, you’ll discover the 5 exchange traded funds Doug recommends today. With ETFs, you capture all the upside of a soaring market, while reducing risk by owning a basket of stocks.

  3. Then there’s Dividend Dynamos: 17 Stocks that Increased Their Dividends for the Last 25 Years from Chris Versace. Here Chris identifies the 17 income plays he recommends according to his PowerTrend analysis (these are the real forces moving today’s market).

  4. From Bryan Perry, you’ll get Double-Digit Monthly Dividend Payers for Yield-Starved Investors. Getting 12 checks a year makes a big difference for many income investors, and here you’ll find 4 plays that pay double-digit dividends on a monthly basis.

  5. Finally, you’ll get The Top 15 Stocks to Buy Right Now: In this special report, you’ll hear from all 5 of Eagle’s experts – men who have a combined 120 years of experience helping investors make money. You’ll get each guru’s 3 top picks for the next 12-18 months in both growth and income plays.

With any of the plays recommended in the above reports, feel free to plug them into and see how they rank.

Verify their profitability and then invest where it makes the most sense.

You get all 5 of these reports from Eagle Financial’s industry-renown investment experts…

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