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Tuesday 8 am CDT

We are getting feedback that is still mixed.  A number of folks indicate that ad blocker settings may well be the problem.  Readers should check their ad blocker and allow the pages you want to see.



Monday  2 PM CDT

Firefox continues to be a problem for most folks.  The balance of the browsers (Chrome, IE and Safari) are a mixed bag–some are having no problems and others have no access.

We have updated all the code for the spreadsheets–and have finally gotten all the dead links created in the changeover fixed (I think).

I think at this point I have done what I can do and will let the tech staff try to fix it.  It seems a bit silly to call them in on a holiday at this time of day so they should be working on it tomorrow at 8 AM EDT (they are in Washington DC).

Thanks for all the information and you can continue sending it to us tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and we will see if we can finally get this corrected.



Howard can open just fine with Chrome and Safari, but not with Firefox.  Gary out in rainy Seattle is having no problems with Chrome and AOL.  Stanley can’t access with Firefox.  Terry can’t access with Safari.

I have just finished replacing code on pages where there appeared to be conflicting code from Google spreadsheets. Hopefully this will be helpful.

Obviously this is confusing information–but it would appear that Firefox isn’t working.

For those not clearing their cache (browsing history) you should as we have changed some pages.

Please continue to keep us posted as to your results since it looks fine to us on all browsers.

3:52 PM

I am getting messages that some people are able to access the spreadsheets and some are not.  Later tonight I will try to republish (a google code is generated and inserted in the page) the google spreadsheets and see what happens.



Noon CDT

The technical folks have been looking at the site and tweaking around.  Many of our long time regular readers are telling us within the last 2 hours the spreadsheets are working.

Please continue to send messages if you have issues–or even if you don’t as we are not seeing issues so we depend on readers for feedback.  Thanks for your help.

We are receiving lots of messages from readers that they can not see the spreadsheets.  I can see them fine at my computer, but when the new site was flipped on Friday I could not see the lists.

Please try clearing your “cache” (browsing history).  Additionally I have indications that Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers are OK, but Safari isn’t working.   Nope—seems to be all browsers.

Please continue to send notes to me if you are having issues.

Some readers asked if we are charging a fee for the spreadsheets–the answer is no (although I no longer own the site I am not aware of plans to charge for anything).

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