Preferred Stock – Investment Grade

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Below you will find Investment Grade issues of Preferred Stocks.  We cover only ratings from S&P and Moodys.  Some issues are investment grade rated by only one rating agency while some are investment grade rated by both agencies.

As with all of our charts we cover only $10, $25 and a few $50 issues.   We do not follow $100 issues at this time as generally they trade with little to no volume.

From this page you can start your research on Preferred Stocks. With current prices and yields you should be able to select a few that appear to meet your yield requirements.


Further Definitions 

How do You Buy Preferred Stocks?

You buy Preferreds just like you would any stock.  Put in an order in your brokerage account and wait.  The prime difference with preferred stocks is most trade very ‘thin’ (little volume) so you should always use ‘limit’ orders or you may pay way more than is necessary for your shares.

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We have discontinued the listing of investment grade preferred stocks.

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