Preferred Stocks – Energy Related

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Below we list those preferred stocks of companies related to the energy industry.  These are not just oil and gas producers, but include others such as shippers and service companies.

Additionally we have listed the issues by issuer and included the pricing and dividends on the common stock and common units of the issuer.  Some potential buyers of preferred stocks of these companies like to have a ‘margin of safety’ by buying companies that have common share distributions which would have to be ended before the preferred distributions are affected by any rough economic conditions.

From this page you can start your research on Preferred Stocks. With current prices and yields you should be able to select a few that appear to meet your yield requirements and risk profile.


How do You Buy Preferred Stocks?

You buy Preferreds just like you would any stock.  Put in an order in your brokerage account and wait.  The prime difference with preferred stocks is most trade very ‘thin’ (little volume) so you should always use ‘limit’ orders or you may pay way more than is necessary for your shares.

Yield to Call Assumptions

The Yield to Call numbers shown should be viewed as approximate.  If the issue is trading below par the YTC is always positive, if the issue is trading above par the YTC is always negative when past the 1st call date.  This is because the assumption is that a callable issue (past the 1st call date) will be called the next available day (tomorrow).  This is because we have no way to know when/if actual call day may arrive.  Additionally our formula does NOT pick up accrued dividends at this point in time so the YTC shown is off by 0 to 1.5%.  For issues past their first call date this also represents Yield to Worst (YTW)

If the issue is not past the first possible call date the YTC shown should be very close to correct and can be considered YTW also.


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