Preferred Stocks Paying Monthly Dividends

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Below are listed the preferred stocks that pay a monthly dividend (versus quarterly).  Sometimes if one wants a nice smooth flow of monthly income they may want to consider some of these issues.

On a historical basis studies show that returns for preferreds stocks paying monthly dividends are no higher than those paying quarterly dividends–but just the same we kind of like them as we get less swing in prices on the ex-dividend date.

From this page you can start your research on Preferred Stocks. With current prices and yields you should be able to select a few that appear to meet your yield requirements.


Preferred shares are shares issued by a corporation as part of its capital structure.

Further Definitions 

How do You Buy Preferred Stocks?

You buy Preferreds just like you would any stock.  Put in an order in your brokerage account and wait.  The prime difference with preferred stocks is most trade very ‘thin’ (little volume) so you should always use ‘limit’ orders or you may pay way more than is necessary for your shares.

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