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It’s called Cash Machine.

Cash Machine is a monthly newsletter that specializes in finding the highest-yielding, most consistent dividend plays across all sectors of the markets. It’s written by Bryan Perry, a three-decade investing veteran who’s worked with some of the biggest names on Wall Street, including Bear Stearns, Paine Webber, and Lehman Brothers.

His income advisory service searches out safe income investments that are overlooked by most other analysts.

These highly specialized investments result in annual yields averaging 10% or more, but they ALSO produce total returns (including capital appreciation) that can make your mouth water.

This is one of the secrets of income investing. Double-digit monthly payers often increase in value, regardless of what the broader market is doing.

Cash Machine is “The” Place for SAFE Monthly Dividend Payers That Appreciate in Value!

Income investing is a popular approach for today’s investor and retiree… but I believe it should be done with an eye on MAXIMUM safety.

That’s why Bryan rejects 99 out of 100 income stocks, utilities, income trusts, MLPs, REITs or other securities that he reviews for Cash Machine

To make his “buy list” every income investment he considers must meet a number of very exacting criteria.

They must…

  • Pay an annual yield of at least 5% for his conservative buy list and around 10% for his aggressive buy list: This is the key if you want to create a steady, reliable, hefty stream of income.
  • Enjoy substantial earnings growth: The income investments are selected to deliver 10% to 16% total returns (that is, capital gains plus dividends).
  • Have an average daily volume of at least 50,000 shares: he only recommends liquid investments and this is the minimum amount he will accept for any investment, AND…

Have the potential for a minimum 35%+ total return over a one-year period: Since Cash Machine launched in 2006, the average return on winners is 35%!It isn’t easy to find income investments that meet these criteria…

…But when you do, it provides a boost to your portfolio like nothing you’ve ever seen…

…While ALSO giving you fat dividend checks on a quarterly, even monthly basis!

And that brings me to why Cash Machine income investing service is so important — not only for retirees or those nearing retirement, but also for investors at all levels.

At the heart of the Cash Machine service are three portfolios — Safe Haven, Accelerated Income and Extreme Income — currently with between six and ten recommendations in each. The names of the portfolios are self-explanatory.

  • The Safe Haven portfolio focuses on the safest of all investments that yield 3% to 5%.
  • The Accelerated Income portfolio focuses on safer bets that yield between 5% and 10%.
  • The Extreme Income portfolio focuses on investments that pay 10% to 20% yields.

Put together, the three Cash Machine portfolios are designed to generate a blended total yield of 10% — and potential total returns (capital appreciation and dividends) of 35%!

As a Cash Machine subscriber you’ll not only get a monthly newsletter delivered to your email, Bryan will also send you weekly updates. You’re never in the dark.

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