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Meet Dr. Mark Skousen:

A free-market advocate, Mark Skousen, Ph.D., was recently named among the “Top 20 Living Economists.”

He is an investment analyst, college professor, bestselling author, founder of the FreedomFest annual festival.

To tens of thousands of people Dr. Skousen is best known as the founding editor of the award-winning investment newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies… which the independent newsletter watchdog, Hulbert’s Digest, reports has “beaten the market over the last 15 years.”

Dr. Mark Skousen

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He also has an eye for the long term, too. There he has safe plays that are up 344%, 257%, 162%, 126%, 124%, and 100%.

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That means you share Dr. Skousen’s basic sensibility. He’s a positive-minded, ethical, patriotic American.

Dr. Skousen is also a free-market economist who was recently named among the “Top 20 Living Economists.”

And he’s an investment analyst, college professor, best-selling author, founder of the FreedomFest annual festival, and editor of the award-winning investment newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, which has a remarkable track record.

  • According to independent newsletter watchdog, Hulbert’s Digest, Forecasts & Strategies has “beaten the market over the last 15 years.”
  • During 2017 alone, Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies newsletter returned an outstanding 21%
  • Dr. Skousen called the Gulf War of 1990 “a turning point for U.S. stocks” — and the Dow subsequently began a bull market that didn’t end for nearly ten years.
  • He told his subscribers in 1995 that the NASDAQ would double, and then double again — which is exactly what it did. Just weeks before the NASDAQ collapsed in 2000, Dr. Skousen warned his subscribers that tech stocks were dangerously overvalued.
  • Dr. Skousen issued a “sell everything” recommendation to his Forecasts & Strategies subscribers just 41 days before the stock market crash of 1987 — then told them to get fully invested again several weeks later, just in time for the recovery.
  • His Forecasts & Strategies‘ portfolio is comprised of five sector allocations: 1) The “Flying Five” stocks, 2) Mutual Funds and ETFs, 3) Health Care Stocks, 4) Energy Stocks, and 5) Financial Stocks

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Roger Michalski
Roger Michalski
Vice President and Publisher
Eagle Financial Publications

P.S.  On Dec 19, 2017, Dr. Skousen published a new report. It’s called, The #1 Company Solving the Healthcare Cost Crisis.

The shares of this company are moving now, and have a ton of head room.

That’s because one of today’s biggest controversies is the massive increase in healthcare costs over the last eight years.

Healthcare premiums are expected to spike as much as 50% in 2018. So, it’s no wonder so many families are in crisis over medical expenses.

However, there is one company with a singular mission statement: “reduce the cost of care.” It does this by creating non-invasive approaches to modern healthcare issues.

My guess is that you have never heard of this quiet company. Yet, it’s perfectly positioned to deliver stellar gains for many years to come.

So, act now on my $8 subscription offer to Dr. Mark Skousen’s financial advisory, Forecasts & Strategies, and I’ll immediately send you a FREE copy of The #1 Company Solving the Healthcare Cost Crisis.

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