We Add More Share of REIT Chambers Street Properties

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Today we took the opportunity to add a few hundred shares (300 shares) of REIT Chambers Street Properties (ticker:CSG) to both the 2014 Model Portfolio – Blended Income and the 2015 Model Portfolio – Blended Income. With the moderate correction that has been occuring in the REITs CSG has fallen from the $8.75 area a month ago to $7.95 today. With this drop the current yield moves to 6.3%–a very good yield.  We already own this issue in both models, but given how comfortable we are with this one and the quality of their properties that they own it makes sense to add to what we already have in the portfolio. We would expect CSG to move back up from this level.

CSG is a quality REIT with a large portfolio of office and industrial properties that are 90% leased to investment grade tenants.

This is a monthly payer.


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