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August 26, 2014    5 pm

We get questions and requests for information almost everyday and with our present setup we don’t have the ability to respond to individuals on their questions (even if we had the time).  Because of this we thought we would quickly run through a few of them at this time.

What does the grey shading on some issues mean?


We only use grey shading in the spreadsheets for 1 thing–and that is to indicate that the issue pays dividends or interest on a monthly basis. While we have a page that showsMonthly Paying Preferreds, we do not have a separate page for REIT’s, MLP’s or ETD showing monthly payers–thus we highlight them with the grey shading.

Why don’t you have ‘yield to maturity’ or ‘yield to worst’ anymore?

We continue to have the ‘yield to maturity’ or ‘yield to worst’ on the main page of the alphabetical preferred stocks list.  We used to have the data on all of the preferred stock pages, but the ‘maintenance’ of the sheets compelled us to continue it on just the alphabetical page.

It would be helpful to indicate whether a preferred stock pays ‘qualified’ dividends on the spreadsheets–could you add that info?

We have a page that lists issues with qualified dividends and have had it for years, but in an effort to always make info most accessible and easy to find we have added a column to the alphabetical list of preferred stocks to indicate whether the dividend is qualified or not.



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