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Stock Quotes and Dividend Specific Data

One of Dividend Investor’s foundational pages is the Stock Quote Page for each publicly traded company, ETF and Mutual Fund. Our quote page of course includes a lot of basic stock information (like the current stock quote, market cap, P/E Ratio, 52 week high and low, debt to equity ratio, etc.) that is to be found on many investing websites. But what sets our Stock Quote page apart from other investing websites is the extent of our dividend related data, including:
  • Dividend Yield, Dividend Payout Ratio and 5 year average Dividend Payout Ratio, Dividend Growth Rate over 3 and 5 years, Consecutive Years of Dividend Increases, Date First Dividend Paid, Dividend Declaration, Record, Ex-Dividend and Payment Dates, and perhaps most significantly a detailed analysis of dividend paid by year for the last 20 years.
  • We also provide our proprietary Allstar Ranking for each stock which is based upon a variety of factors most importantly the size, duration, growth rate and quality of its dividend payments.

Dividend Dates and Dividend Calendar

Here's where you can find out when stocks are announcing and paying their dividends. This is important if you investing using any kind of dividend capture investing system. Dividend Investor provides a list of all the stocks that are going to be issuing their dividend in a particular date range. This information is available on screen with a variety of ways to sort and can be downloaded to excel.

Dividend Screener

The dividend screening tools allows users to filter and sort stocks based upon a variety of dividend related criteria like market cap, PE ratio, dividend yield, dividend growth rate, dividend frequency, dividend payout ratio, debt to equity ratio, historic return on investment, number of consecutive dividend increases, and number of years dividend has been paid for.

Dividend Directories

Dividend Investor also provides a number of directories to help users find particular types of dividend paying stocks, including:
  • ETF Directory - Find the highest-yielding Exchange Traded Funds. Screen by dividend yield, ex-dividend date and more.
  • MLP Directory - Find high dividend yields from Master Limited Partnerships Stocks. Pipelines, refineries and more.
  • REIT Directory - Find the highest dividend-paying Real Estate Investing Trusts. Screen by dividend yield, industry, All-Star Ranking and more.
  • Monthly Dividend Directory - The web's top monthly dividend paying stock list. Ranked by our proprietary All-Star Ranking.
  • Preferred Stocks - Preferred Stocks are a great way to build a solid dividend income stream, with high dividend yields the norm. Our Preferred Stocks Directory has a wealth of information on preferred stocks, including an exhaustive list of preferred stocks by coupon, current dividend yield, dividend payment dates, earliest call date, and more.
  • Dividend Allstars Ranking - Find top stocks that consecutively increase their dividends. Our exclusive ranking of the best dividend paying stocks.
  • DRIP Directory - Reinvest your dividends with DRIP stocks. Access today's top Dividend Reinvestment Plan stocks.

Dividend Email Alerts

Users can choose to receive a variety of dividend announcement related email alerts, including both increases and decreases, special dividends, and dividend suspensions. You can also limit the email alerts you receive to announcements from dividend monthly payers, yields just above 4% or above 7%, or maybe issued a special dividend or anybody who suspended their dividend.

Dividend Scorecards

Users can have up to five dividend scorecards and you can get email announcements and alerts on all stocks in your scorecards.

Dividend History Page

This provides for every stock a detailed breakdown of every dividend paid year by year.
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