Dividend Payment Types

Code Description
0 Income
1 Approximate Dividend Rate
2 Foreign Gain
3 Final Dividend Payment
4 Tax Refund
5 Tax Credit
6 Extra
7 Special
8 Year – End
9 Participating
A Liquidating
B Short – Term Capital Gains
C Long – Term Capital Gains
D Return to Capital
E Proceeds from the Sale of Rights
F Redemption of Rights
G Initial
H Dividend Not Equal to Company’s Basis Amount
I Accrued Dividend
J Arrears
K Capital Gain
L Additional Payment
M Tax Exempt Interest
N Adjusted Amount
O Proceeds from the Sale of Warrants
P Redemption of Warrants
R Medium – Term Capital Gains
T Five – Year Qualified Gain Rate
Y Qualified
X Partially Qualified
Z Non-Qualified
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