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Andeavor Logistics Boosts Dividend 27 Consecutive Quarters (ANDX)

Ned Piplovic

By: NED PIPLOVIC Andeavor Logistics LP (NYSE:ANDX) continues to reward its income-seeking shareholders by boosting its dividend for the 27th consecutive […]


Alliant Energy Corporation Offers Shareholders 15 Consecutive Years of Annual Dividend Boosts (LNT)

Ned Piplovic

By: NED PIPLOVIC Alliant Energy Corporation (NYSE:LNT) has been offering its investors annual dividend raises for the past 15 consecutive years […]


Ames National Corporation Boosts Quarterly Dividend Payout 4.5% (ATLO)

Ned Piplovic

By: NED PIPLOVIC Since starting to distribute dividends to its shareholders in 1998, the Ames National Corporation (NYSE:ATLO) has reduced its […]


National Retail Properties Offers 5% Dividend Yield, 28 Consecutive Years of Dividend Boosts (NNN)

Ned Piplovic

By: NED PIPLOVIC National Retail Properties, Inc. (NYSE:NNN) has rewarded its shareholders with 28 consecutive years of dividend boosts and currently […]

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