5 Dividend Investing YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

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Five dividend investing YouTube channels have earned my recommendation for educating dividend investors who are keen to learn more about their craft.

Savvy investors are always growing their knowledge base and learning more about financial markets. Whether you are just getting started or your name is Warren Buffett, there is always something new to learn when dealing with a topic as complex as investing.

Dividend investing, in particular, has a nuance often neglected by its participants — it is all too easy for new investors to get trapped in chasing dividend yield and putting all of their focus on the size of their quarterly paycheck rather than building a strong, sustainable portfolio. This, in addition to the added complexities of ex-dividend dates, payout ratios and other unique data points, makes it especially important for dividend investors to learn the finer points of their craft.


While DividendInvestor.com offers a host of educational resources, we want you to learn dividend investing in as many mediums as possible. As a result, we compiled a list of five dividend investing YouTube channels you should be watching to grow your investing knowledge and build your skill as a dividend investor.

Watching channels like these and exploring more learning modalities for dividend investing means you are investing in yourself and your ability to make good financial decisions. Cultivating these skills early on can lead to a long and successful streak of dividend payouts from your personal portfolio.

Here are the five dividend investing YouTube channels you should be watching now.

Doctor Dividend

Subscribers: 36,400

Doctor Dividend has been posting videos since 2010 detailing both his experience as a dividend investor and using the lessons he’s learned to educate the public. His channel description reads “Follow my progress as I dive head first into investing, while trying not to lose it all!”

The creator posts a mix of educational videos and logs of his own portfolio development — this lets viewers learn both directly from his clear dissemination of information, as well as from the lessons implied in his personal gains and losses.

We recommend starting with his discourse on dividend tax rates and how awareness of them can increase your profit margins:



The Dividend Experiment

Subscribers: 14,400

The Dividend Experiment is an educational channel focusing on the current performance of companies and portfolios. Its draw is the transparency behind its “experiment” and how viewers are encouraged to trade alongside the creator, who gives detailed reasons and explanations behind every buy and sell.

The channel primarily follows a dividend investing portfolio and posts content related to its performance and the trading decisions made to better it. The channel description explains the core premise well:

“The Dividend Experiment is primarily a demonstration of a fully transparent interactive portfolio that you can follow along with yourself. You can keep up to date with changes, buys and sells and you can even follow along yourself using real money with no extra effort if you want!”

A good starting place is the recent video released regarding AT&T (NYSE:T) and its dividend cut:


The Dividend Guy

Subscribers: 6,700

The Dividend Guy is the founder of Dividend Stocks Rock and Dividend Monk and produces a host of educational content on his YouTube channel. Although he has less of a following than other creators on this list, the content produced is well-researched and clearly explained. Beginners should find it easy to digest the educational material on this channel.

The creator is a former private banker who is passionate about retirement income and safe, sustainable dividend investing. His channel description reads:

I believe in the empowerment of investors and I’m here to guide you through this process using dividend growth investing. Don’t let the market confuse you with fluctuations and noise. Invest stress-free.”

His overarching trading philosophy is put on display in the video shown below:



Dividend Diplomats

Subscribers: 13,500


Dividend Diplomats is a conversation-style channel featuring two investors discussing market changes and dividend investing opportunities. The show is produced almost like a podcast and its relaxed narrative makes for easy, educational listening.

The duo have been producing videos since 2014 and focus largely on company profiles as a lens for greater dividend investing strategy. A highlight of their description reads:

“We cover topics such as how to start investing, research for dividend stocks, critical stock metrics to look out for and what we are doing in terms of saving and investing. Discussing these topics will help YOU become better with YOUR money and help you on your path on achieving financial independence and/or financial freedom!”

Start with their discussion of current trades and their analysis of a popular dividend-paying technology stock, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT):


Dividend Data

Subscribers: 101,000

The most popular channel on our list, Dividend Data is a fantastic educational tool covering big concepts in short-form, easy to understand videos. Its content is almost entirely focused on explanations and teaching, but the channel still uses portfolio updates as an educational medium for its viewers and shows how the principles it introduces can be applied in the real world.

The creator is a dividend growth investor who preaches his strategy as a mode of generating cash flow without selling off a position. The channel description reads:

“Investing provides the ability to create cash flow, without selling your position in a stock. This type of investing has a strong compounding effect when dividends are being reinvested back into your holdings. Over time, Dividend Investing can be your pathway to financial freedom!”

A quick and clear video consistent with the channel’s educational style is shown below:




Check out these five YouTube dividend investing channels and you may find they offer useful videos to supplement the detailed analysis available through www.stockinvestor.com, www.dividendinvestor.com and www.retirementwatch.com.


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