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Currency Mismatch

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Some securities in our database are traded in U.S. Dollars and pay dividends in a different currency. Because the currencies […]

Consecutive Dividend Increases

Posted on: 20 Dec 2016 defines consecutive dividend increases as the number of full years in a row where dividend payments increased year over […]

Dividend Discount Model

Posted on: 22 Feb 2016

A way to value the price of a stock by using predicted future dividends and discounting them back to present […]

Dividend Declaration Date

Posted on: 22 Feb 2016

The date when the next dividend payment is announced by the directors of a company. This statement includes the dividends […]

Dividend Capture

Posted on: 22 Feb 2016

A term used in the process of purchasing a stock prior to the ex-dividend date.

Dividend Calendar

Posted on: 22 Feb 2016

The payment timetable for a corporation’s annual dividend payouts.

Dividend Analyzer™

Posted on: 22 Feb 2016

An Internet-based tool used to analyze dividend-paying companies.

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