The 25 Highest Dividend Stocks by Yield

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Finding the highest dividend stocks is income investors’ ultimate goal.

As most investors should know, high dividend yields are not necessarily good indications of high returns. The nature of the dividend yield is that it represents only the ratio of the total annual dividend distribution amount and the equity’s current share price.

In addition to the stocks with the highest dividends, income investors also look for long streaks of rising dividend payouts, which could result in a rising dividend yield. However, the dividend yield growth could also be caused by a share price decline. Therefore, investors must use additional metrics even in their initial search for equities with good total returns to minimize possible losses and choose the equities with the best return potential.


Market analysis of the highest dividend stocks can include dozens of criteria to find the optimal equities for one’s investment portfolio. However, to keep the list below as broad as possible, no equities have been excluded based on market capitalization, total returns over the past three or five years, dividend payout ratio levels or any number of potential filter criteria.

The list below — generated with the Dividend Screener tool available at DividendInvestor.comrepresents the highest dividend yield stocks, and excludes funds, trusts, exchange notes, etc.

Listed below are the 25 highest dividend stocks by yield, in descending order.

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Ticker Consecutive Annual Dividend Hikes Market Cap Latest Close Price Trailing 12 Month Dividend Yield
ZIM 1 $793.50M $6.90 245.65%
PBR__A 2 $25.85B $14.30 19.76%
PBR 4 $66.47B $15.30 18.47%
KEN 1 $1.21B $22.51 57.93%
SBLK 2 $1.91B $19.63 12.99%
GOGL 2 $1.26B $8.81 8.51%
AVAL 1 $0 $2.18 4.95%
LU 0 $0 $0.91 8.51%
CCU 0 $1.91B $11.95 3.30%
SID 0 $5.58B $3.23 15.14%
AKO__B 3 $896.16M $14.15 6.10%
LOMA 0 $0 $6.39 14.20%
NLY 0 $8.86B $17.71 15.98%
HIMX 1 $1.17B $6.01 7.82%
TWO 0 $1.33B $13.87 15.14%
MFA 0 $1.07B $10.50 13.33%
UAN 1 $746.45M $70.62 37.69%
AGNC 0 $5.90B $8.79 16.38%
IEP 0 $4.94B $16.83 35.65%
EC 1 $183.52M $12.40 13.42%
NYMT 0 $782.59M $8.63 11.59%
CIM 0 $1.15B $5.06 16.21%
FSK 2 $5.55B $19.83 14.78%
OMAB 1 $0 $68.40 5.55%

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