Spreadsheet Sharing

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The below links are available for readers to copy our spreadsheets found throughout the website.

If you have a Google account when you open the spreasheet link below the sheet should automatically copy into your Google drive if you are signed in.

If you would rather have it in a different format (i.e. Excel) you have that option under the ‘file’ menu.


To have your own spreadsheet which you can tweak you will need to specifically use the ‘file’ then ‘make a copy’ commands.  Otherwise the copy you have on Google Drive will change as we make changes to links etc. and you will be unable to edit our copy.

If we discontinue any spreadsheet (i.e. erase it and replace it with a different format) your spreadsheet will discontinue being updated—so make a copy if you want one for your needs.


Preferred Stock Alphabetical

Preferred Stock – By Yield


Preferred Stocks of REITs

Preferred Stocks and Exchange Traded Debt Investment Grade

Master Limited Partnerships Alphabetical

Real Estate Investment Trusts Alphabetical

Real Estate Investment Trusts – By Yield

Utilities Alphabetical

Utilities By Yield

2014 Model Portfolio

2015 Model Portfolio – Blended Income

Search Dividend Investor