Tennessee Valley Authority Reset Rate Series D Due 2028

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S&P Rating  AA+

Security Ticker Symbol   TVC


Market Traded ON   NYSE

Interest Payment Paid on the 1st of March, June, September and Decembe beginning September 1, 1998

Quarterly Interest   Variable   Annual Interest   Variable   (Rate as of 6/1/2015 is 3.55%)

Coupon interest rate is reset annually using the 30 Year Treasury Constant Maturity rate plus .94%.  If the coupon is reset lower bonds can be “put” to the issuer for the $25 par value.

Securities may not be redeemed early.


Interest Payment Will NOT be Qualified Distributions.  Payments are interest (not dividends) thus they do not qualify for preferential tax rates.

Maturity Date   06/01/2028

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