The 10 Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs

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Monthly Dividend Stocks

Because quarterly dividends might fall short of desired income flows, investors seeking more frequent income payouts can take advantage of monthly dividend distributions offered by some stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

In addition to offering a more consistent cash inflow, monthly dividend stocks provide few additional advantages. Driven by the compounding effect of more frequent payouts, monthly dividend stocks and ETFs can grow their assets at a faster rate. Instead of receiving a quarterly payout every three months, monthly dividends allow investors to receive a portion of that income every month and reinvest the money right away.

Investors could include in their portfolio a selection of equities with staggered pay dates in an effort to achieve a payout schedule equivalent to monthly distributions. However, that approach requires extensive research and would limit the number of equities that meet the distribution timing requirements. The most likely outcome of this approach would be a less than optimal portfolio strategy and, most likely, reduced total returns.


Furthermore, achieving a similar level of monthly payments would be difficult to create. Additionally, many of the equities that pay monthly dividends are Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), which take advantage of their favorable tax status and tend to pay higher-than average dividend yields.

Equities with monthly dividend payouts are relatively easy to find. Most investment advisory sites and brokerages have either a functionality to filter the equities by the payout frequency or a separate section that displays only securities with monthly dividend distributions. The list below offers several good resources to find the monthly dividend stocks and ETFs that will offer the best fit for each investor’s individual investment portfolio strategy.


Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #10

While serving as one of the stock exchanges in the United States, also offers information about equities from all exchanges. The articles and investing advice available on the company’s website offer information and ideas about monthly dividend stocks and ETFs for income-seeking investors as well.


Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #9

The Motley Fool

As a provider of market insights and a variety of investing advice, the Motley Fool website also offers articles and information on dividend-generating securities for investors looking to invest in equities paying monthly dividend distributions.


Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #8

The Oxford Club’s The Oxford Income Letter

The club’s flagship newsletter, The Oxford Communiqué, penned by the Club’s Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, offers market overviews and general investment advice. However, The Oxford Income Letter, written by the club’s Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld, offers advice focused on income-generating equities for the investors seeking monthly dividend income.



Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #7


Handing out financial markets advice for more than a century, Forbes offers plenty of material for income-minded investors. While the print magazine focuses more on overall market trends and economic news, Forbes’ website offers the detailed information and articles for the investors interested in monthly dividend stocks and ETF’s.


Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #6

Stock Investor

The Stock Investor website offers general information and advice about investing and overall markets. However, within the site, investors interested in income investing can find substantial amount of information and articles about dividends, including monthly dividend stocks and ETFs.


Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #5

Bryan Perry’s Dividend Investing Weekly Newsletter

The Dividend Investing Weekly newsletter is just one of several services offered by a financial expert and investment advisor Bryan Perry. In addition to Bryan’s Cash Machine service that focuses on income-generating ideas from multiple sources, the Dividend Investing Weekly newsletter focuses on equities offering steady dividend income payouts. Bryan’s website includes a combination of free advice and paid subscription-based premium services and offers various investing resources, including the My Top Monthly Dividend Payer report for investors seeking monthly dividend stocks and ETFs.


Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #4

Jim Woods’ ETF Investing Newsletter

A 20-plus-year veteran of financial markets as a broker, hedge fund trader, financial writer, author and a true Renaissance Man, Jim Woods offers his expertise through several services and publications. One of the publications is Jim’s weekly ETF Investing newsletter. In addition to general insights about investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Jim’s newsletter offers a wealth of information and advice beneficial to investors seeking to invest in monthly distribution ETFs.


Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #3

For nearly four decades MoneyShow has been one of the leading organizers of financial and investment conferences in the United States and Canada. MoneyShow offers annual conferences in cities such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco and more. In addition to these conferences, the MoneyShow also offers investors the opportunity to engage in investment cruises with itineraries across the world. Prominent investment experts, such as Steve Forbes and Mark Skousen, host these cruises and offer opportunities for more intimate engagement with smaller groups of investors. Furthermore, the  MoneyShow offers articles on its website on a variety of topics, including monthly dividend stocks.


Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #2

Dividend Investor’s general Dividend Directory

While not specifically designed as a resource for finding and analyzing monthly dividend stocks and ETFs, Dividend Investor’s general Dividend Directory offers options to distinguish monthly dividend stocks and ETFs from equities with other dividend distribution frequencies. Before sorting the identified monthly dividend stocks and ETF’s by any of 18 values, investors can use up to 13 different filters to narrow down the selection of securities to just a few monthly stocks and ETF’s that best match the investors’ portfolio needs and current strategy. Currently, investors can trim the list from nearly 60,000 securities available on to barely more than 800 potential monthly dividend stocks and ETF’s by using just two criteria: ticker length to eliminate mutual funds and number of monthly payouts.


Best Resources for Monthly Dividend Stocks and ETFs: #1

Monthly Dividend Directory at

The Dividend Investor monthly dividend directory is a web-based database of all monthly dividend equities with a three-month moving time frame. The directory updates daily and drops older equities as new equities declare their upcoming distributions. Currently, the directory contains more than 2,100 equities with ex-dividend dates through mid-January 2020 and pay dates through the beginning of February 2020. The tool offers the ability to sort the current data by 14 criteria, such as market capitalization, dividend yield, number of consecutive annual dividend increases, monthly payout amount, ex-dividend date, pay date and more.


Regardless of which resources and analysis methods investors use, finding equities best suited for every investment strategy is relatively easy. Picking just one resource for monthly dividend stocks and ETFs as universally best is nearly impossible. Investor strategies, needs and personal preferences vary extensively. Some investors will be content with using the standard forms and tools offered. Other investors will find the available information lacking and will insist on downloading the data into their preferred software application for a more detailed level of analysis.

Investors that prefer trading their equities to maximize dividend income will need more frequent data updates, which could occur multiple times per day. Alternatively, investors looking for balanced total returns over extended periods might be satisfied with data updated on a daily or even weekly basis. Regardless of the specific needs, investors should find the tools and resources best suited to their portfolio needs and learn how to use those to identify the equities best suited to their individual investment strategy.



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