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Dividend Yield

PPL Corporation Offers 5.3% Dividend Yield, Boost Annual Dividend Payout Nearly Two Decades (PPL)

Ned Piplovic | November 30, 2018
The PPL Corporation (NYSE:PPL) – a electricity distribution utility company – offers its shareholders currently a 5.3% dividend yield, and the company has hiked its annual dividend payout for the past 19 consecutive years. During the growth market over the past couple of years, many investors have divested away from utility stocks into faster-growing technology and financial stocks. However, the recent…
Dividend Yield

GM Offers 4% Dividend Yield, Share Price Rises on Layoff Announcement (GM)

Ned Piplovic | November 28, 2018
While General Motors’ (NYSE: GM) share price declined more the 30% before hitting the 52-week low in October 2018, the company’s dividend yield of 4% has remained above the average yield of its peers. The company’s recent share price decline left some investors doubting whether the 4% dividend yield is enough to justify investment into the GM’s stock. However, the company’s…
Dividend Dates

Dividend Dates – When do Dividends get Paid?

Ned Piplovic | November 28, 2018
Investors seeking asset appreciation have a greater level of flexibility for buying and selling equities than dividend-seeking investors, who must account for specific dividend dates to maximize their investment returns. Because investors trading non-dividend securities do not have the additional constraint of dividend dates, they can afford to focus on analyzing equity fundamentals, announcements of business initiatives and share price…
Dividend Income

Meredith Corporation Offers Investors 4% Dividend Income Payouts (MDP)

Ned Piplovic | November 22, 2018
Meredith Corporation (NYSE:MDP) – a magazine publisher – continues to reward its shareholders with strong dividend income distributions over the long term. The company has been rewarding investors with dividend income distributions since 1930 and has hiked its annual dividend amount for the past 25 consecutive years. Over that period, the company managed to maintain an average growth rate of 11%…
Quarterly Dividend

Lockheed Martin Corporation Hikes Quarterly Dividend Another 10% (LMT)

Ned Piplovic | November 22, 2018
The Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT) hiked its upcoming quarterly dividend another 10%, which brought the company’s streak of annual dividend hikes to 16 consecutive years. In addition to boosting its dividend payout for so many years, the company also managed to maintain a double-digit percentage dividend growth rate over that period. While the share price stumbled a little during 2018, the…
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