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Four Dividend Income Beverage Investments to Purchase

Paul Dykewicz | August 26, 2022
Four dividend income beverage investments to purchase provide potent potential to profit while avoiding the worst effects of high inflation, a recession or Russia’s persistent invasion of Ukraine. The four dividend income beverage investments to purchase may well be worth celebrating with their growth stories intact and consumers' willingness to absorb consumer price inflation that most recently reached 8.5% annually. Beverage…

Three Socially Responsible Dividend Stocks to Buy Benefit from Fertilizer

Paul Dykewicz | August 19, 2022
Three socially responsible dividend stocks to buy benefit from fertilizer use, featuring two large providers of the seasonal commodity and a lesser-known stock that is expected to outperform the market. Socially responsible investing (SRI) targets positive social change and these three companies are poised to provide profitable returns to investors. These three socially responsible dividend stocks offer a way to…

Four Fertilizer Income Investments to Purchase After Russia Agrees to Stop Blockade

Paul Dykewicz | August 12, 2022
Four fertilizer income investments to purchase after Russia's agreement to stop its blockade of grain and food shipments from Ukraine temporarily offer one of the first rays of hope in the region since Feb. 24 when President Vladimir Putin ordered more than 100,000 troops to invade his neighboring nation. Russia's sustained attack and its blockade of Black Sea ports in…

Three Aerospace Income Investments to Purchase Amid Hostilities from Russia and China

Paul Dykewicz | August 5, 2022
Three aerospace income investments to purchase amid hostilities from Russia and China provide a way to provide potentially strong returns for backing products and services that remain in demand.  The three aerospace income investments to purchase as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin continues to attack both civilian and military targets, damaging the world's grain supply, also should benefit from China's increasingly…

Four Aircraft Income Investments to Purchase as Tailwinds Strengthen

Paul Dykewicz | July 27, 2022
Four aircraft income investments to purchase as tailwinds strengthen include two industry funds, an aerospace stock and a commercial jet leasing company. The four aircraft income investments to purchase emerge at a time when the aerospace sector seems to be at an existential crossroads in which its purpose and value are transitioning to a business model and technology aimed at…
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