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dividend paying gold stocks to purchase to hedge against market crash

Three Dividend-paying Gold Stocks to Consider Purchasing

Paul Dykewicz | February 2, 2024
Three dividend-paying gold stocks to consider purchasing feature companies whose share prices have dropped significantly in the past year but could rebound in the next 12 month. BofA Global Research is forecasting a rise in gold prices during the second half of 2024 that could reward patient investors. The three dividend-paying gold stocks to consider purchasing may climb as geopolitical risks…
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Four Dividend-paying Uranium Investments to Consider Purchasing

Paul Dykewicz | January 26, 2024
Four dividend-paying uranium investments to consider purchasing have dipped in price lately to offer what could become a fresh chance to profit. The four dividend-paying uranium investments to consider purchasing have risen along with the commodity's physical price that recently reached $106 per pound, the highest level since 2007 when the chemical element used in fueling nuclear energy hit its…

Four Dividend-paying Aviation Stocks to Purchase

Paul Dykewicz | January 19, 2024
Four dividend-paying aviation stocks to purchase present alternatives to Boeing (NYSE: BA) in the wake of its quality control problems most recently manifested by a Jan. 5 mid-air malfunction of a 737 MAX 9 when a door plug blew off the Alaska Airlines (NYSE: ALK) plane at 16,000 feet and forced an emergency landing in Portland, Oregon. Image of damaged…

Three Aerospace Investments to Purchase After Emergency of Boeing 737 MAX 9

Paul Dykewicz | January 12, 2024
Three aerospace investments to purchase after the emergency of a Boeing 737 MAX 9 provide paths to avoid the worst risk of the fallout from a fuselage door plug blowing out of an Alaska Airlines aircraft at 16,000 feet on Friday, Jan. 5. The open-ended risk is beyond the control of the Chicago-based Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), since the Federal…

Three Dividend-paying Defense Funds to Consider

Paul Dykewicz | January 5, 2024
Three dividend-paying defense funds to consider offer investors ways to gain exposure to a key sector that increasingly is needing to ramp up production and speed up innovation to keep up with rising demand for military equipment with wars in Ukraine, the Middle East and elsewhere. A “sense of urgency” to ready U.S. forces is not communicated well enough from…
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