Here We Go Again – Futures Off Tonight

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Hopefully you are all ready for another wild stock market again this week. Stock futures are off nearly 200 points tonight as we see traders using the excuse of a potential interest rates increase as a reason to sell–of course this reason and sentiment could all evaporate by 10 am in the morning and shares could shoot higher.

The facts are that the high frequency traders and other crooks and thieves have somewhere between $300-$500 billion in capital to push markets around scalping off a little here and a little there for their efforts–it always helps to have the main stream press ignoring the real reasons these markets are gyrating by tossing out bogus reasons for the movements. Working under the cover of ‘possible interest rate hike’ stories we expect the thieves to push stocks up and down all week.  With employment reports due on Wednesday (ADP) and Friday this week there will be even more excuses to move share prices around.

Our potfolios had decent gains the last couple days of last week after losing some of the years gains early in the week.  With the likely movement of share prices this coming week we are looking for bargains in Lexington Realty Trust (ticker:LXP) and a possible purchase of additional Stag Industrial (ticker:STAG) shares (we had purchased just a half position earlier).  Also a large down move will bring about a lightening of our Proshares Ultrashort (ticker:SDS) hedge as common shares move closer to ‘fair value’.



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