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Just a couple quick website housekeeping notes.


Tom asks where BRG (Bluerock Residential REIT) went–thought it was in the 2015 Model.  Yes–it is there–has been all along.  Maybe we have too many portfolios and you looked under the wrong one.

Matt informed us that the links were wrong for Gastar investor relations.  We have fixed them so they are now correct.


Richard clued us into an incorrect distribution on American Capital Agency (ticker:AGNC)–pays monthly not quarterly.  Guess we missed this on our December update so we have corrected it to a monthly dividend.

Geoffrey asks if we have an error on OXLCN (Oxford Lane Term Preferred) calling it cumulative as his brokerage screen calls it non cumulative.  Here is the prospectus info–

Cumulative cash dividends or distributions on each Series 2024 Term Preferred Share are payable monthly, when, as and if declared, or under authority granted, by our Board of Directors out of funds legally available for such payment. We will pay monthly dividends on the Series 2024 Term Preferred Shares offered pursuant to this prospectus supplement, commencing on July 31, 2014.

Thanks to all for helping us get errors corrected.


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