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Some reader notes recently.


Russ asks us to add MHR-E to the preferred stock – energy issues  list. While this is a convertible which we don’t normally carry we have added it to the listing.

Randy notified us of the Resource Capital (ticker:RSO) new note issue. We had been aware of this coming issue, but it is a $1000 issue and we can’t get quotes on these. Additionally there is so little liquidity bid/ask spreads are usually too wide for us.


Jack asked if there was any reason we didn’t include ABRN in the Short/Medium Duration Model.  No particular reason–it is ok to have.  We put that model together in about 30 minutes and did not include REITs related issues.

Eric and Alyssia asked to get the 2015 Model Portfolio – Blended Income put on thespreadsheet sharing page. Sorry, we forgot to ‘share’ it.  We changed the settings so it can be shared by all and added the link to the sharing page.

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