Introducing the 2014 Short/Medium Duration Income Portfolio

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October 13, 2014  10 pm


In somewhat of a new ‘experiment’ we have constructed what we are calling the ‘2014 Short/Medium Duration Income Portfolio’.  This model joins our other models that we have contructed in the past and we plan to simply let this model ‘run’, meaning no trading.  We will just reinvest the income as it is earned.

We think this model may be of interest to the conservative income investors looking for stability in capital, while garnering a reasonable income.


This model mimics one retirement account that we personally have that is relatively concentrated.  Honestly we have come to appreciate the lack of volatility that this account has, while still earning a good income.  We may go many days without even opening that account up to check on it–it doesn’t move much and the dividends and interest arrive like clockwork.

We will add the model to the “Portfolio’ menu above—or you can access it here.



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