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Over the last year we have had numerous notes from readers about listing preferred stocks by issuer–removing single issue companies from the list.  Also over time we have noticed some forums discussing their ‘swaps’–meaning that there are times where certain issues of a single issuer get out of whack price wise.  For instance–one issue may be trading with a current yield of 7% while a virtually identical issue may be trading with a current yield of 7.4%.  Then it may make sense to sell the lower yielding issue and buying the higher yielding issue.  We do not personally do this as it does take some time to check continously for these disparities, but some do it.

We have added a spreadsheet with the multi issue preferreds divided by a heavy dark blue line making it easier to look through the list and compare.

Note that this is not an original idea of ours, but one which we have seen around the web so we add it.


The list is here.


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