Pondering Next Week Already–Portfolio Review

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We are reviewing our portfolios this weekend and considering some moves for next week.  You know that we prefer to buy and hold forever–but this isn’t necessarily the way to maintain and grow our profits.  Specifically we a trying to determine if we should harvest some profits–and if we do what do we do with the proceeds (you can’t win the game by sitting on the sidelines with cash).


Additionally we plan to end the 2014 portfolio on 3/31/2015.  This portfolio has been a stellar performer for a portfolio that is relatively conservative. The problem we see is that the old 2014 portfolio will end up identical to the newer 2015 portfolio, because both will mirror our own beliefs in market conditions and sectors. There is no use operating an extra portfolio if it is almost the same as the 2015 model. Assuming prices remain flat through next Tuesday this portfolio will end with a gain of around 13% (for the 15 month period). For the conservative bend we put in the portfolios we can only hope for returns equaling this in the future.

We will write at length in the next couple of days on our planned actions.


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