Wrapping Up Income Portfolio Performance Through May

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We have taken a few minutes to wrap up portfolio performance through May 31st and while performance has been darned good we have more than a few concerns for income investors looking ahead to the next months.  Our recap is here.

For this week we have the Greek ‘situation’ which continues to drag on–likely there will be a remedy that will last a month or 2–we don’t believe there is a solution short of out and out bankruptcy.

Later in the week (Friday) we have employment numbers and we will see what we get.  2 months ago was very weak, while April was strong.  Would seem to us that the concensus of 220,000 new jobs would be too high, given the record numbers of layoffs announced.  We take no preparations for this statistic, because good or bad, there will be excuses and reasons that explain away whatever the stats show.


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