Every Dividend Stock Trading Under $5 — A Comprehensive List

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every dividend stock trading under $5

Just 31 stocks make our list of every dividend stock trading under $5.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can own a small piece of a company — one that pays you cash on a regular basis. This is a tempting thought, and one worth considering, but with caution.

Many of these companies offer growth potential and pay high dividends, while others are likely to maintain their value and some are risky traps for over-eager investors. Regardless, dividend stocks trading under $5 offer a unique opportunity to different kinds of investors.


Those who are new to dividend stocks — or investing in general — may prefer to dip their toe in and only purchase a few dollars worth of stocks. Other investors may want to dial an exact amount of money with their investment without requiring fractional shares.

The collection of these dividend stocks trading under $5 is charted below alongside the S&P 500 for comparison — these stocks generally follow the index, with an exception in the trailing month. This, however, may be the result of selection bias, as the list of dividend stocks trading under $5 changes on a daily basis. A share price drop could suddenly put a company under the $5 threshold, and quick success may jolt the company past it.

As a result, there are a few inclusions with poor performance in the recent past that are likely bringing the average growth percentage down.

dividend trading under $5

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The speed at which these stocks change is worth noting as well. The list of dividend stocks trading under $5 was last updated to reflect the end of day prices on June 3, 2022. The price, dividend yield and other metrics shown in the table below, however, are automatically updated and correct. Hence, pending when this list is viewed, there may be some stocks included above the $5 threshold and some excluded who will be added to the list in the next update.

Listed below is every dividend stock trading under $5. They are shown below in no particular order.

Ticker Sector Consecutive Annual Dividend Hikes Market Cap Latest Close Price Projected 12 Month Dividend Yield Trailing 12 Month Dividend Yield
ABEV Consumer Products 0 $45.25B $2.88 1.39% 3.77%
SVM Materials 0 $432.13M $2.59 1.16% 0.97%
SAN Financials 0 $11.42B $2.45 6.12% 3.03%
BBD Financials 1 $17.25B $3.31 6.65% 2.83%
DHC Financials 0 $434.96M $1.82 2.20% 2.20%
LYG Financials 0 $3.11B $2.18 4.59% 4.66%
SUPV Financials 0 $0 $1.67 0.00% 0.02%
HMY Materials 0 $547.56M $3.24 1.70% 1.13%
BEDU Services 0 $0 $0.86 12.83% N/A
BTG Materials 2 $3.57B $3.46 4.62% 4.62%
BBDO Financials 1 $0 $2.73 7.33% 3.12%
MFG Financials 0 $0 $2.39 5.44% 5.50%
CIG__C Utilities 2 $0 $3.39 0.88% 4.03%
TKC IT & Communications 1 $2.07B $2.35 10.21% 5.18%
ENIC Utilities 0 $0 $1.46 1.37% 1.74%
NYMT Financials 1 $1.21B $3.17 12.62% 12.62%
BKCC Financials 0 $283.17M $3.84 10.42% 10.42%
NAT Industrials 0 $366.50M $2.42 2.07% 2.07%
IVR Financials 0 $574.06M $17.40 20.69% 5.17%
FSP Financials 0 $386.82M $3.75 1.07% 16.00%
HMPT Financials 0 $470.26M $3.40 4.71% 7.94%
MMX Materials 0 $463.72M $4.30 1.16% 1.16%

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