Dividend Glossary

A way to value the price of a stock by using predicted future dividends and discounting them back to present […]

An exchange-traded fund that tracks a dividend index, a commodity or a basket of assets. An ETF trades like a […]

The increase of a company’s dividend payout vs. previous payouts. A decrease would result in a negative number.

The dividend history tools on DividendInvestor.com provide historical dividend payment information on all publicly traded stocks and exchange traded funds […]

A type of investment strategy focused on owning shares of dividend-paying companies.

The date on which a declared stock dividend is scheduled to be paid.

Dividend-paying stocks give a portion of earnings back to shareholders in the form of dividends. Dividend- paying stocks are located […]

The current payout is the last 12 months’ (LTM) dividend per share divided by LTM earnings per share (EPS), expressed […]

The policy a company uses to decide how much it will pay to shareholders in dividends.

An Internet-based tool that can rank dividend-paying companies based on the yield, growth etc.

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