Dividend Glossary

If a company’s board of directors has committed to future dividend payments, the latest reported dividend rate equals the number […]

A plan offered by corporations to let investors reinvest their cash dividends in additional shares on the date of a […]

The date established by an issuer of a security for the purpose of determining the holders who are entitled to […]

Investors typically use dividend-paying stocks as a source of income but the payments can be reinvested through corporate dividend reinvestment […]

An Internet-based tool used to screen dividend-paying stocks for growth, yield etc.

A dividend stock is one that pays income to shareholders. Dividends can account for a significant part of a shareholder’s […]

Dividend stocks are sometimes referred to as defensive stocks, since companies that pay dividends to their shareholders usually are in […]

An Internet-based tool that sorts the Top 100 Dividend-paying companies by exchange, sector, etc.

Dividend yield is a key metric used by income-seeking investors to select securities for their investment portfolios. While the dividend […]

Dividends normally are described on a per share basis. For instance, a dividend payment may be 10 cents per share. […]

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